DF Barnes Services specializes in the maintenance of marine vessels, offshore oil and gas assets, hydro-electric infrastructure and industrial processing plants. Our skilled tradespeople and technicians are available 24-7 to support both planned and unplanned maintenance requirements.

  • Comprehensive Marine Vessel Maintenance
  • Expertise in Offshore Oil and Gas Infrastructure
  • Versatile Quayside and Offshore Solutions
  • Hydro-Electric Infrastructure Improvements
  • Plant Maintenance


Coast Guard Refits image
Coast Guard Refits Client: Canadian Coast Guard
DF Barnes has completed multiple Coast Guard vessel refits, showcasing our expertise in maritime projects.
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West Aquarius Thruster Replacement & Rig Maintenance image
West Aquarius Thruster Replacement & Rig Maintenance Client: SeaDrill
DF Barnes removes and replaces thrusters for the West Aquarius and completes extensive maintenance work on the engines, hull and external systems of the rig.
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Decommissioning of Deep Panuke Production Platform image
Decommissioning of Deep Panuke Production Platform Client: Crosbie/Heerema Marine Contractors
DF Barnes contributes to the decommissioning of Deep Panuke Oil Platform, employing remote access expertise for cutting, welding and NDE activities.
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Transocean Barents -Thruster Removal & Rig Maintenance image
Transocean Barents -Thruster Removal & Rig Maintenance Client: Transocean
DF Barnes transports 75-ton thrusters, fabricates structures for the Transocean Barents, maintains engines and more.
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Terra Nova FPSO Refit & Maintenance image
Terra Nova FPSO Refit & Maintenance Client: Suncor
DF Barnes rapidly provided Quayside Services and skilled personnel, amassing 350,000-man hours over five months with impeccable safety. Versatile support extended offshore for Suncor's reconnection endeavors.
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SeaRose Ballast Water Tank Repair image
SeaRose Ballast Water Tank Repair Client: Cenovus
DF Barnes showcased expertise in the SeaRose Ballast Water Tank repair. Quality processes ensured structural integrity and reliability.
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DF Barnes Services Overview

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DF Barnes Services, incorporated in 1932, represents the cornerstone of the DF Barnes legacy. Central to our values is a commitment to prioritizing people and safety above all else. This culture of “Taking Care of Each Other” underlies all that we do for both our clients and our people.

Through a steadfast dedication to prompt, reliable service and craftsmanship, DF Barnes Services has a prestigious clientele base comprising major players in the marine, mining, hydroelectric and offshore oil and gas sectors.

Why DF Barnes Services?

For over ninety years, DF Barnes Services has been delivering innovative and responsive technical solutions and services through our skilled workforce of welders, machinists, pipe fitters, millwrights, and project management professionals. Our extensive fleet of portable equipment guarantees swift response times and seamless service delivery to our clients both onshore and offshore. Most importantly, DF Barnes Services has a proactive and engaged safety culture that consistently achieves industry leading safety results in an ever-changing, dynamic work environment.

Offshore and Marine

  • Marine Maintenance – Structural, Mechanical, E&I, and Piping

  • Ship Refits (Government, Transportation, Energy, and Fishing)

  • Remote Access Inspection & Repair (IRATA certified)

  • Vessel Mobilization and Demobilization

  • Offshore Certified Welders and Mechanics

  • In-situ Machining, Milling and Line Boring

  • Emergency In Situ Repairs

  • Hydro and Industrial Maintenance

  • Hydroelectric Infrastructure Refurbishment, Maintenance and Repair

  • Industrial Plant Maintenance

  • Small Capital Projects

  • Project Management Professionals

  • Structural, Mechanical, E&I, and Piping Systems
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