West Aquarius Thruster Replacement & Rig Maintenance

DF Barnes removes and replaces thrusters for the West Aquarius and completes extensive maintenance work on the engines, hull and external systems of the rig.

WEST AQUARIUS Thruster Replacement & Maintenance

  • Removal of the rigs eight 65-ton thrusters in collaboration with SeaDrill
  • Replacement of 2 new thrusters
  • Extraction and Installation of all drilling equipment from both the drill floor and derrick
  • Removal and reinstallation of the ROV launch and recovery system
  • Removal and reinstallation of sections of the hull in the columns and ballast tanks
  • Maintenance and rebuilding of the main engines for the West Aquarius
  • Rope access technicians and inspectors deployed for work in challenging to reach areas of the Rig.
  • Facilitated the demobilization of rig equipment onshore and lifting and transport of equipment to lay down sites.


Bull Arm, Newfoundland




10 year refit

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