Mining operations demand robust solutions to optimize productivity and ensure safety. At DF Barnes, we have extensive experience in the mining sector, helping our clients maximize their resources and processing facilities while maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality.


Voisey’s Bay Mine Expansion image
Voisey’s Bay Mine Expansion Client: Vale
Voisey's Bay Mine Expansion commissioning contract awarded to DF Barnes, encompassing construction, procurement, and supply chain management for project success.
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Civil Work Industrial Construction – Long Harbour Nickel Plant image
Civil Work Industrial Construction – Long Harbour Nickel Plant Client: Vale
DF Barnes undertook comprehensive project involving concrete foundations, underground infrastructure, and backfilling on the Long Harbour Nickel Processing Site.
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Capital Works and Startup – Nickel Processing Plant image
Capital Works and Startup – Nickel Processing Plant Client: Vale
DF Barnes completes Vale’s Capital Works/Debottlenecking project.
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Nickel Processing Plant – Maintenance image
Nickel Processing Plant – Maintenance Client: Vale
DF Barnes undertakes Maintenance Contract for Vale Nickel Processing Plant at Long Harbour.
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Industrial Building Construction image
Industrial Building Construction Client: Vale
Thompson Project Phase 1 focuses on constructing two industrial buildings and installing mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation components for essential Fan Inlet and Discharge system.
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